Will Solar Work for Me?

Solar Installer Western WashingtonMany people wonder if there home is right for solar. Although we often think of Western Washington as not the sunniest of places, we actually get enough sunlight to make investing in a solar PV system make sense both environmentally and financially. If you are interested in seeing how a solar energy system would work for you, we need to start with a brief onsite feasibility study where we will assess:

  • Your home’s southern exposure
  • Surrounding trees, buildings or other potential shading challenges
  • The size and slope of your roof (and what kind of shape it is in!), or if we were to consider a ground mount system, the available space in your yard
  • The existing electrical system of your home, location of breakers, meters, etc.
  • The energy needs of your home and family
  • Long-term plans with your home

For more information, visit energy.gov.

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