Upgrade to Self-Generating Energy Systems From Polar Bear Energy Solutions

We always recommend that a homeowner improve the efficiency of their home by upgrading windows, insulation and sealing up other major sources of heat loss before investing in alternative and self-generating energy systems.
These simple projects have the best short-term return on investment and it doesn’t make sense to invest in solar energy alternatives if your home is already using energy inefficiently. Once your home has been brought up to today’s standards in efficiency we can start exploring the feasibility of investing in a solar photo voltaic system or a solar hot water heating system.

These systems pay for themselves in as soon as 5 years and then begin putting money back into your pocket as your home begins producing energy instead of consuming it.

If you are interested in moving towards energy independence now is the time to do so. Financing and other rebates offered by local utility companies and the government are an extra incentive and make these projects even more affordable than you would think. However, solar energy works differently at every home, so the first thing we need to do is a site evaluation to determine the feasibility of such a project at your particular location.

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