Options For Any Metal Roofing Project Polar Bear Exterior Solutions

  • Great for any climate
  • Classic style
  • Reflect heat and sunlight
  • Standing-Seam metal roofs
  • Sound-Lok metal roofs

Metal roofs are a great long term solution because since they are made from metal, they last nearly forever! They hold up great in any climate and can be very efficient as well, reflecting heat and sunlight. They look awesome too and are a classic style in the Northwest.

Certain homes demand a metal roof to keep a feel for the architecture. Green metal roofs look stylish and are very popular on log cabin homes, and metallic colors look great on Victorian and more traditional types of architecture. The best choice for a metal roof is standing-seam metal, in which the fasteners are hidden providing a clean finished look, which also protects any penetrations from the elements.

Standing-Seam metal roofs are a great choice for homeowners looking for an option that has beauty, strength, durability, energy-efficiency, non-combustibility and many other ecological features. We are proud to offer Sound-Lok metal roofing systems, available in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Sound-Lok roofing is virtually maintenance-free and will not crack, shrink, chip, attract moss, rot or corrode. Produced locally by Sound Building Supply, their roofing has been tested to survive the harsh climate of the Pacific Northwest, and is backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.

At Polar Bear we feel it’s important to support local manufacturers such as Sound Building Supply. We are proud to offer great products made locally which also keeps jobs in our state!