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We Offer Lifetime Solutions to Your Exterior Improvement Needs

At Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, we do things differently, whether we’re performing a roof installation or installing new windows. We don’t want to install products that need to be replaced in a year – or five years or 10. It’s important to us to not only fix problems, but to provide long-lasting solutions that truly make the homes and businesses we work on function better over the long term.

We’re committed to completing lifetime improvement projects!

We believe that doing a job right the first time is the only way to do the job. It doesn’t serve our customers well for us to do a project over and over again; we are here to protect our clients’ investment in their homes while increasing value. That’s why we have selected proven products from trusted manufacturers to offer our customers.

If you live in one of the following communities, we look forward to serving you:

What’s a WeatherSafe™ Solution?

Polar Bear Exterior Solutions is so committed to our mission of providing lifetime solutions, we even go above and beyond manufacturer recommendations and warranty requirements. This is known as our WeatherSafe™ Solution, meaning we use products and installation techniques that exceed those of other contractors. For example, if the manufacturer requires that we use caulking with a 25-year rating for an installation, we will typically use a 50-year product. Ultimately, this gives you peace of mind knowing that your home will be thoroughly protected from the weather and covered by a full warranty because the installation was done above and beyond manufacturer specifications!

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If you live in the Greater Seattle area or the Western Washington region, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions looks forward to serving you. We offer roof installations, plus siding, windows, doors and much more. Request a free estimate for any service today by calling (425) 290-5579 or submitting our online contact request form.