Many homeowners, especially those living near busy streets, find it hard to deal with the loud noises of car horns and engines. Noise disrupts daily living, particularly the sleeping habits of many family members. If this is a recurring problem in your home, you might want to consider investing in upgrades. One component of your home exterior to focus on is your siding. Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding contractor, explains how siding can reduce outdoor noise. 

Using Siding or Window Replacement as a Way to Reduce Outdoor Noise

Siding Choices

One of the most recommended siding materials to consider to achieve noise reduction is fiber cement siding. Thicker siding can help block traffic noises, your neighbor’s lawn mower or even sirens. 

To further improve noise reduction, choose a siding material with a considerable thickness and weight. The more a siding has in these two aspects, the better it is at thinning or dampening outdoor noises. James Hardie composite siding is a great example of this type of product.

Other Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Besides siding, you also have other options for sound reduction in your home. Our Polar Bear windows, for instance, are a great option for many homeowners because of their combination of beauty, energy efficiency, durability and economy. They come with either two or three panes of glass, which helps a lot in minimizing outdoor noises and drafts. You can also plant trees to reduce up to 40% of the outside noise, which can help your reduce noise and improve your sleeping habits.

Polar Bear Exterior Solutions is your trusted roofing, window and siding contractor. Whether you need to replace your roof, siding or windows, we have a little or no-maintenance LIFETIME solution that will increase your home’s comfort, beauty and energy efficiency. Call us now at (425) 290-5579 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in and around Seattle and the rest of the Puget Sound area.

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