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Common Door Problems During Winter

Winter has arrived, and so have the icing and frost-related problems within your home! The sheer cold of winter can easily affect the structural integrity and parts of your home, especially your doors which are constantly exposed to the snow and frigid wind outside. Though door building materials are usually resilient, cold can still affect a lot of things around and inside it, especially the parts that permit motion. What are some of the most common door problems during winter? 

The Best Ways to Use Windows for Daylighting Your Home Interior

Daylighting is an architectural concept in which natural light is harnessed to brighten the interior of the building. It also takes into consideration interior features such as reflective surfaces, the orientation of your home’s openings—windows, doors and skylights—relative to the sun, and the size of openings themselves. Its primary purpose is to improve visual comfort while reducing the use of artificial lighting throughout the day.

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