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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Home Siding

Regardless of the type of siding protecting your house, it will need regular maintenance and eventually need to be replaced. Breaking and cracking siding as it ages is a problem you will want to address before it affects other parts of your house. Once it lets in a leak or bugs, the time may have already passed to address it without paying for costly fixes. 

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James Hardie® Siding With ColorPlus® Technology: Advantages

When selecting siding for your home, you simply can’t go wrong with James Hardie. The manufacturer is known for producing high-quality and long-lasting siding products that match various types of homes and climates. It has also developed innovations that make its siding superior. One of these innovations is the ColorPlus Technology, which is a proprietary finish applied on James Hardie siding while still in the factory. The result is an even color and vibrant payoff that lasts for years.


Polar Bear, a top-rated siding and roofing contractor, lists the top reasons why you should opt for James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology.

Long-Lasting Color

The ColorPlus Technology enables the color to be baked on the siding, resulting in a sturdier finish that can last longer than regular paint. It’s common for regular paint to fade more quickly when constantly exposed to the sun and to require reapplication every few years. With ColorPlus Technology, you can forget about the hassle of continuous repainting because this exclusive finish is UV-resistant. Rest assured that your siding color will remain vibrant for many years to come.

Less Work, Less Mess

James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology already comes pre-painted, so the process of installation becomes much more complete and finished. Even the caulking is color matched to the siding color itself for beautiful tight sight lines. 

Apart from a more complete siding installation, you can avoid paint spills and the tedious cleanup that comes after. Also, you won’t have to worry about paint getting on your shrubs, plants, deck or other exterior areas.

No Need to Wait for the Perfect Weather

Onsite painting usually requires the perfect weather in order to ensure its success. But since weather can be unpredictable, you run some risk when painting your siding on the work site. With ColorPlus Technology, you no longer have to account for the perfect weather since the siding is pre-painted.

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Common Types of Winter Siding Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

The winter season is a time when your home’s exterior is put to the test. Given your siding is one of your home’s primary defenses against the elements, it may likely have sustained damage over the past few months. Today, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding and roofing contractor, takes a look at the common types of winter siding damage you shouldn’t ignore.

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3 Ways Fiber Cement Siding Can Fail Prematurely

Fiber cement siding is an appealing and popular choice of siding for many homeowners given the material’s toughness, stability and fire and decay resistance. Improper installation, however, can prevent this siding from performing as intended. Today, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding and window contractor, takes a look at the various instances where fiber cement siding can fail early in its service life.