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Using Siding or Window Replacement as a Way to Reduce Outdoor Noise

Many homeowners, especially those living near busy streets, find it hard to deal with the loud noises of car horns and engines. Noise disrupts daily living, particularly the sleeping habits of many family members. If this is a recurring problem in your home, you might want to consider investing in upgrades. One component of your home exterior to focus on is your siding. Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding contractor, explains how siding can reduce outdoor noise. 

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Sliding Windows and the Benefits You’ll Gain

As you browse through our Polar Bear windows, you might have a few styles in mind. Each window type serves a different purpose in your home, so it helps to consider your needs and preferences to make a more informed decision. For instance, sliding windows are great for adding more natural light and ventilation to your home, and this is due to their simple design and ease of use. They also offer other benefits such as: 

Mixed-Texture Exteriors: 3 Tips To Help Pull off the Look

Mixed-Texture Exteriors: 3 Tips To Help Pull off the Look

There is a trend that is currently taking the home improvement scene by storm: mixed-texture looks. Much like in fashion, mixing and matching different textures and styles has long been used to create a more interesting look. For your home’s exterior, this means choosing two or more siding textures to give the outside of your home that extra oomph. In today’s post, trusted siding and window contractor, Polar Bear, shares three tips to help you pull off the look and make your home the envy of the block.

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Common Types of Winter Siding Damage You Shouldn’t Ignore

The winter season is a time when your home’s exterior is put to the test. Given your siding is one of your home’s primary defenses against the elements, it may likely have sustained damage over the past few months. Today, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding and roofing contractor, takes a look at the common types of winter siding damage you shouldn’t ignore.

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James Hardie® Siding: Why It’s Called The “Superior Siding”

When it comes to siding material, you’ll have no shortage of options and most homeowners tend to gravitate toward the option that is both affordable and durable. While you’ll find numerous products on the market that fit these requirements, such as aluminum, vinyl and stucco, there’s likely one material that your siding contractor recommended for you to consider: James Hardie® siding.

In this post, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions discusses the reasons why James Hardie siding is known as the “superior siding.”

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