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Famous Windows From Around the World

Beautiful, energy-efficient windows can do a lot of good for your home. They can effectively control the amount of sunlight that enters your living space and emphasize elements on your exterior with their unique shape and size. Architects around the world have acknowledged the visually-appealing effect of windows and used them to modify simple buildings into remarkable structures. A reputable window installer shares a list of masterful windows that you can use as inspiration for your own home.

The Best Ways to Use Windows for Daylighting Your Home Interior

Daylighting is an architectural concept in which natural light is harnessed to brighten the interior of the building. It also takes into consideration interior features such as reflective surfaces, the orientation of your home’s openings—windows, doors and skylights—relative to the sun, and the size of openings themselves. Its primary purpose is to improve visual comfort while reducing the use of artificial lighting throughout the day.

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