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7 Exterior Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Proper attention to your home’s curb appeal, or its initial value from the street, is a great way to attract potential home buyers. Below, we’ll highlight your favorite exterior remodeling ideas that’ll help your home stand out before anyone even steps foot inside. 

 1. Landscaping 

Lawn care is essential in ensuring that your home looks well maintained from the street. While there are upfront costs to great landscaping, meticulous attention to routine upkeep is what’ll help your home stand out – properly trimmed grass, watering to prevent brown spots, and regular weed pulling show potential buyers that you take care of the space. Of course, the more greenery, the better. Since extensive landscaping can cost a pretty penny, you can opt for adding planters and window boxes for a more inexpensive quick fix. Place these around key areas such as windows and entryways to make the home look more inviting.

7 Exterior Remodeling Ideas to Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal


2. Entry Door Replacement

When viewing your home from the street, the attention of passersby is almost universally drawn to the front door. While you do not have to have the high-arching, imposing swinging doors of Victorian-era houses to denote the elegance of your home, you do want something that is clean, modern, and that beckons visitors to “come on in.”

A great place to start in making your front door a shining light for your home is by researching the various Pella entry doors on the market. Pella has a solid selection of both modern and classic entry doors that are sure to mesh with any siding choice for optimal curb appeal.

To further boost the view from the street, consider pairing your new entry door with modern exterior door trim. Not only can this provide a classy contrast between your siding and entry door that will further boost your curb appeal, but properly installed trim will also provide an additional seal against the air, moisture, and debris that is notorious for sneaking in through the door framing.  


3. Clean Your Gutters

In addition to the tangible benefits of preventing blockage, cleaning your gutters makes your home look well maintained. Visibly clogged or blocked gutters can cause runoff problems as well as make the home look unkempt from the street. 


4. Upgrade the Garage Door 

Replacing the garage door entirely can be quite an expensive undertaking, but simply power washing it before staining it a fresh new color will make it look brand new. 


5. Replace the Mailbox

An updated and more modern mailbox will instantly make your home look better for under $100. 



6. Exterior Upgrades

While certainly more expensive, a siding upgrade adds more curbside pop than almost any exterior renovation. The switch from dated, cracked, and blistered siding to clean, flush, and modern options will turn a rundown house into one that will certainly give potential buyers a reason to stop and stare.


While there are a number of quality house siding material options on the market, from white board and batten siding to composite wood siding that give a highly natural aspect, one of the premier choices is James Hardie colorplus fiber cement. Designed to last a lifetime in the face of a wide range of weather conditions, James Hardie colorplus fiber cement comes in a plethora of color options that is sure to capture the essence of your ideal home exterior. 


7. Revamp the Driveway

The driveway is the first thing that buyers will notice about your property – a cracked or visibly damaged gravel driveway is an immediate turnoff. Replacement isn’t always necessary, and a simple patch job should make your home instantly look better at first glance. 



Your home’s curb appeal is an essential aspect of its overall value. The aforementioned projects, both big and small, will help you increase the visible value of your property and attract potential home buyers. For more ideas on exterior remodeling projects to enhance curb appeal, browse through the many choices found at Polar Bear Exterior Solutions.


Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

The 5 Best Value Exterior Home Improvements

The 5 Best Value Exterior Home Improvements

Is it worth it? That should be the big, burning question behind exterior home improvements. Most real estate agents will advise you against installing a swimming pool. It’s a terrible investment — especially in western Washington where you’ll use it just part of the year. It’s expensive, and high maintenance and doesn’t raise the value as much as the cost. But there are plenty of valuable ways to spruce up the outside of your home and add curb appeal. Here are the five best value exterior home improvements.

1. Garage Door

This improvement is No. 1 on the “best value” home improvement list. In western Washington, you’ll get back 123.8% of the average cost of a new garage door. That’s like free money. But the value isn’t only about the appearance. Garage doors can improve your home’s energy efficiency and security, and lower the maintenance on the exterior of your home.

2. New Siding
Vinyl Siding Replacement

Replacing old vinyl siding is completely worth the money. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the best values for home improvements by Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost versus value survey for the Seattle region. Just replacing the siding gives homeowners in western Washington an 85 percent return on investment. Replace it with a trendy manufactured stone veneer, and your ROI goes up to a whopping 110 percent.

3. Front Door

Your front door is part of your home’s first impression. Replacing or updating a dull front door is another exterior home improvement with a lot of bang for the buck. According to the 2019 cost versus value survey, a new mid-grade front door replacement has a 78 percent return on investment in the Seattle area. But if you decide to go all out and turn your front door into a grand front entrance, the ROI goes up to 85 percent. Not bad for a weekend’s worth of work.

4. Green Up the Lawn

The state of your yard reflects on the state of your home, at least in the eyes of someone who sees it from the street. Realtor.com lists landscaping as the top item to add value  and attract buyers to your home. Regular mowing, watering and fertilizing are key to turning your patch of grass into a lovely lawn. And if you’re looking to thicken up the grass  and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, try overseeding in the fall to fill in any thin or brown patches. A bag of grass seeds and a seed spreader can add value and  make you wonder why you didn’t do it before.

5. All Hands on Deck

Deck Addition

Adding a deck can be a pricey home improvement project whether you DIY or you hire a pro, but the numbers don’t lie. A new deck adds value to your home to the tune of 87% in western Washington. That’s because outdoor living is trending right now, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where decks built of cedar or redwood have a certain regional charm. Think of it as an outdoor living room, where you’ll enjoy mealsand relax. It extends the living area of your home, and when the time comes to sell, it’s an upgrade that’s attractive to potential buyers.

When it comes to value, not all home improvements are created equal. Some exterior enhancements, such as improving the lawn and pruning the shrubs, won’t cost a lot, and  will still elevate the look of your home. Other projects can be a lot more expensive, but if you pick the right projects, the value and the return on investment are worth the money  and time.

Roselyn Jenkins is a real estate agent who spends much of her time fixing up and flipping old houses. Her specialty is creating eye-catching landscapes.