Due to the mild and comfortable temperatures of spring, many homeowners choose to tackle home maintenance tasks now. If you are just preparing your spring checklist, make sure to put roof inspection and evaluation among your first priorities. Local roofing contractor Polar Bear Exterior Solutions explains why scheduling a roof evaluation this spring is ideal. 

Should You Have a Roof Evaluation in the Spring?

Winter Roof Damage

Due to snow buildup or the impact from heavy winds or storms, your roof may suffer damage, leaks or deterioration in the winter. As such, you should have a qualified roofing expert inspect your roof once spring arrives. For instance, if an ice dam has formed during winter, it can potentially cause a leak if not addressed quickly. Aside from looking for signs of roof damage, your roofing company may also look in the attic to see if there are any issues with the underlayment. 

Get ahead of any Problems

If your existing roof is 18 years old or older–it is time to have your roof evaluated. Most roofs are replaced around 18 to 20 to 22 years of age. You definitely want to replace the roof before you experience any leaks or major issues. Signs that your roof is coming to the end of it’s useful life include missing granules, missing shingles, curling shingles and certainly any leaks including even “minor” leaks. 

Take Advantage of Mild Weather

Thanks to the pleasant weather, your contractor can safely do a close-up inspection of your roof without worrying about slippery slopes or brittle shingles. If your contractor needs to replace your roof, better weather conditions and temperatures make it possible for the new shingles to best adhere to your roof.. Since summer is the busiest season for roofing companies, you should consider scheduling your evaluation early in spring. 

For your spring roofing needs, get in touch with Polar Bear Exterior Solutions. Our experienced team of roofers is more than glad to assist you with your roofing or replacement projects. Call us today at (425) 290-5579 or fill out our contact form to set an appointment. We proudly serve homeowners in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Skagit counties.

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