As you plan your siding replacement, you’ll be considering many factors related to the project. This includes the material, color and even the siding profile you’re most interested in. But this can also be overwhelming with countless profile options from which to choose. As such, it helps to learn what each profile can offer so that you can pick the best design based on your preferences. Local siding and window contractor Polar Bear Exterior Solutions shares more insight: 

How to Pick the Right Siding Profile

Siding profiles can vary in shape, color and texture. They usually fall into three categories, which we explain below:

  • Horizontal siding profiles are one of the most popular in the industry. They’re easily recognizable and found in virtually every home across the country. They’re designed to protect your home from rain and snow which may otherwise penetrate the surface. Traditional lap, dutch lap and beaded profiles are some of the most popular options.
  • Vertical siding profiles are also offered in traditional lap and board and batten, which are similar to horizontal profiles. However, they’re installed vertically. They’re often used in homes and buildings to make them look taller.
  • Shake profiles are typically used as accents in most homes and commercial properties. Square is often a popular choice when designing home exteriors, but your hired siding contractor may also offer other options such as staggered and fish scales.

Choosing the Right Siding Profile

When picking your siding profile, consider the other elements of your home. Your choice can be based on your home’s size, style or HOA guidelines, if you live in one. You can also draw inspiration from your landscape and neighboring homes. You can even check the prevalent siding profiles in your area and make use of two or more textures for your exterior design.

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