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Do I Have to Wait Until the Rain Stops to Replace My Roof?

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Short answer, NO!

Polar Bear is born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and if we couldn’t work in the nasty weather, we wouldn’t be working much. Our roofing install crews work full-time, year-round in whatever kind of crazy weather gets thrown at us.

Sometimes if the rain is too much, we cant perform some stuff, like replacing sheet or applying membrane roofs, but just about anything else doesn’t really phase us. The project sometimes might not go as quick depending on how harsh the conditions, but our crews prepare plan their jobs around that.

Although it seems like not the best time to replace your roof, if you are in the market for one, winter is actually the best time to do it. Manufacturers often raise their prices in Spring and Summer cause those are the “busy” times. Doing your roof in the winter, allows customers to take advantage of off-season pricing. We can also get you on the schedule a lot sooner too, which is convenient for making plans .

Get a head of the game and save some money. Call us for roof estimate anytime and take advantage of the offseason!

What Sets Polar Bear Exterior Solutions Apart?

What Sets Polar Bear Energy Solutions Apart?

Polar Bear Exterior Solutions is dedicated to delivering lifetime solutions for homeowners in Seattle and all throughout Western Washington. We are a roofing contractor and exterior remodeling company with a hardworking team that is willing to go above and beyond to provide quality construction services for our clients.

In this post, you’ll learn what sets us apart from other companies.

We’re Customer-Oriented

We value all of our customers and will always recommend the solution that will provide the best value. We are a roofer and exterior remodeler that takes a consultative approach to your project. We think of it as our own, which means we’ll do for your home what we’d do for our own homes. When you work with us, you can expect us to always meet your specifications and needs.

Our Projects Are Built to Last

Our commitment to lifetime home improvement projects means that each project we do, from roofing to siding, is built to last. Unlike other companies who jump at the prospect of repairs and maintenance, we believe that the products we install should not require constant upkeep, and should conserve resources and protect future generations. That’s why we strive to do things right the first time around: so you can get the best value from our services as long as possible.

We Offer WeatherSafe™ Solutions

The products we install are WeatherSafe™, which means we go above and beyond manufacturer recommendations and warranty requirements. Other companies will use products with a 25-year rating; we’ll use the ones with a 50-year rating instead. Peace of mind is what we give you when you work with Polar Bear Exterior Solutions.

100% Customer Satisfaction

When you choose Polar Bear for your exterior remodeling, roof repair or installation project, we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your experience with us. All of our employees undergo continuing training so when they start working on your project, they are using the latest and most effective tools and techniques available.

Polar Bear Exterior Solutions is ready to assist you with all of your exterior improvement needs. Call us today at (425) 290-5579 to learn more about our services. We are a local roofing contractor in Seattle.

Should I Pressure Wash My Roof?

Cheap Roof Replacement Seattle


This is a very common misconception and a question we hear a lot. Pressure washing your roof can cause a lot of damage to the shingles…and even lead to water getting under the roof immediately. Best case it will just shorten the lifetime of your roof. Worst case, it can cause damage to your home. And all it does is make the roof look a little nicer for a brief period of time.
The time involved can be much more than you expect…or if you hire someone it probably isnt as cheap as you would think. Pressure washing a patio or driveway can be pretty routine. But when you go on a roof, there is a lot more involve – longer hoses, taking adequate safety measures and of course the challenges that come with working on a sloped surface off the ground. If you hire a professional they too have to deal with these difficulties and they also have to pay Workers Compensation Insurance (“LNI” in WA) rates that can be almost $10 an hour.

My dad had his old cedar shake roof cleaned and treated and the cost was almost $5,000! I advised him against but they were moving and didn’t want to replace the entire roof. 18 months later, even with the aesthetic upgrade of a fresh cleaned roof, his real estate agent told him he had to replace the entire roof before putting the home on the market. Not the best use of those funds!

The biggest reason we caution against pressure washing your roof is that it doesn’t do anything long term to improve the look or performance of your roof. We recommend getting a good cordless blower to blow the needles and leaves off every couple months. If you get any moss or algae build up, sprinkle a little baking soda on the roof and that will do the trick… you just have to be patient!

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with James Hardie ColorPlus Siding

Cedar Siding Installation

James Hardie colorplus siding is the only product we recommend for siding your home in the Pacific NW. From its patented material blend and composition, to its variety of colors and styles, you are sure to find a new or restored look for your home that your will love.

Fiber cement siding is nothing new, but James Hardie is the leader and has developed its proprietary blend that lasts longer than anything else available on the market specifically for the wet climate we have in Western Washington. The coating is applied in the factory and is warrantied for 15 years- saving you the cost of painting your house 3 times over that period (paying for itself already). Its virtually maintenance free and our WeatherSafe install by Polar Bear means you get a cleaner look and peace of mind in knowing the job was done right.

Whats the best part of having Polar Bear install James Hardie siding for your home? Probably the return on investment you get. James Hardie colorplus siding consistently delivers a 90% or better increase in your homes resale value. Unlike painting or replacing damage boards with new wood or composites, which is basically maintenance and does nothing to improve your home or increase its resale value, almost every dollar spent with Polar Bear on new siding goes right back into the value of your home.

Not only are you going to love the new look of your home with new James Hardie siding from Polar Bear, its also a wise financial decision as well!

Now Is The Time To Do Your Roof!

With summer coming to an end, folks are going to be in a bit of a frenzy to get their roof ready for winter. Fortunately storm season hasnt been too bad…yet. But be prepared, another round of price increases due to increased demand could be right around the corner. Either way, we have a lot of options, check out this awesome new metal roofing option available from CertainTeed installed by MetalMaster installer PolarBear!

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