An awning is a proven way to dramatically improve your outdoor space. It can protect the area regardless of the weather. So whether you’re hosting a BBQ during the summer or simply enjoying a steaming cup of coffee on a rainy morning, your patio and deck will still be usable all year round. Polar Bear Exterior Solutions is a top awning contractor with a reputation for quality workmanship and custom solutions. Here’s their top tips for selecting the perfect awning for your outdoor space:

1. Make sure that the awning provides adequate shade

While it does sound obvious, getting the right awning can be more difficult than you think. This is because the sun moves throughout the day; you need to pick an awning that is large enough to provide adequate shade at all times.

2. Choose a design that you can live with for the next few years

Your outdoor space is pretty much an extension of your home, so you might want to go for an awning design that perfectly complements the style of your interior décor. You can also look at the other external design details of your home, like the doors, windows and siding, to help you decide on a fitting color scheme for your new awning. Our lineup of polar bear windows and doors can help you find something that ensures a uniform curb appeal.

3. Choose treated fabrics that can stand up to various weather conditions

Your awning should be able to withstand different weather conditions, staying strong and providing solid protection at all times. At Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, our awning fabrics are state-of-the-art and boast wind and storm resistance, along with a 30-year non-discoloration warranty.

In addition to providing top of the line awnings, we are also your trusted roofing and siding contractor. Give us a call today at (425) 999-4053 to get started with a FREE estimate. We serve residents across Seattle, with a focus on safety and delivering absolute peace of mind.

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