Fiber cement siding is an appealing and popular choice of siding for many homeowners given the material’s toughness, stability and fire and decay resistance. Improper installation, however, can prevent this siding from performing as intended. Today, Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, your local siding and window contractor, takes a look at the various instances where fiber cement siding can fail early in its service life.

3 Ways Fiber Cement Siding Can Fail Prematurely

Nailing Issues

Fiber cement siding installations must conform to the specifications set forth by the manufacturer or those indicated in the product’s Evaluation Service Report (ESR). However, inexperienced contractors often make the mistake of haphazardly nailing the boards to the substrate. Overdriven or underdriven nails or nails that are driven at a wrong angle can expose the home’s exterior to moisture problems.

Odd Siding Layout

Laying out fiber cement siding in an unusual manner can loosen up the siding boards, making them vulnerable to wind damage. Wind may also cause the siding to vibrate, which is then transferred through the home’s framing, creating a loud hum that can keep occupants up at night. A siding contractor would first inspect the problem before recommending tearing off and redoing the siding installation.

Misunderstanding Among Installers

Premature siding failure can sometimes stem from inadequate communication between installers. There are times when newer contractors do not understand how the different parts of an exterior renovation job should come together. For instance, window and gutter installation can directly affect the success of siding installation, so even errors on the part of other workers could lead to siding problems in the future.

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