Our Philosophy

Our products and services improve the efficiency, comfort, value and beauty of our customer’s homes. We are fully committed to making positive changes in the lives of our clients and coworkers alike, while being a force for good in the communities in which we operate.


Our company and installation team is properly certified for every type of home improvement project we perform:

  • BBB
  • Angies Super Service Award
  • AAMA Window Installer

Safety and Piece of Mind

We value doing the job right and safety is a priority at Polar Bear. All of our installers are trustworthy, hardworking and courteous. We would not allow anyone to enter your home that we wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing into our own homes. We are all a family at Polar Bear, and we treat your family with that same care and concern. We are fully insured as required by the State, and we carry higher coverage to make sure that every possible situation and circumstance is covered. Rest assured that when we are working on your home we have taken every possible measure to make sure you are protected from undue risk.

The Polar Bear Way

Every one of us is invested in the company in some way shape or form. We are a tightly knit group of hardworking individuals who support our families.

Our overhead is very low considering the volume we do. Our office and warehouse space is modest and low rent, but centrally located.

Our work trucks are used but reliable. Our project managers mostly use personal vehicles, but our tools, down to our shop vac’s, are the best money can buy. We order most of our materials from a single supplier to qualify for deeply discount pricing based on volume that we do. The products we order are of the highest quality. We use PVC brickmould instead of cheap primed soft woods. We use 4-5 nails per shingle instead of staples. We use a 50+ year commercially-rated caulking instead of cheap 25 year alternatives. We use non-expandable foam at $8 a can instead of shoving loose fiberglass insulation in with a screwdriver. We use 45 lb synthetic underlayment instead of 15lb felt. We use valley metal instead of bending and weaving shingles. The lowest quality window we install is a lifetime window. The lowest quality roof we install is a lifetime roof. We recycle our aluminum frames and glass instead of paying to dispose of them at the transfer station.

We are vertically-integrated, family owned and operated. Our objective is to focus on projects that make sense for the homeowner’s budget and home. We reduce homeowners energy costs, protect their investments and increase the re-sale value. Out of all the contractors in the business, we can guarantee every homeowner the peace of mind that their project will get done right.