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EPDM - Flat Roofing

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a synthetic rubber product that is the most durable and longest-lasting option for your flat or low-slope roof. It is very similar in appearance and composition to an automobile tire. We all know how durable a tire must be to allow you to drive on 100 + degree days in asphalt and gravel turning corners, or leave it outside overnight in -20 degree freezing rain and snow. Compared to EPMD is available in black and white (show picture of white EPDM roof)

Five step EPDM roofing process

Step one of EDPM roofing process Step 1: DensDeck is applied to smooth out the surface and provide a slope for water drainage. It also includes insulating, fire proofing and sound deadening qualities
Step two of EDPM roofing process Step 2: Bonding adhesive is rolled over the DenDeck that vulcanizes* the rubber in the EPDM to the DensDeck, creating a water-tight seal.
Step three of EDPM roofing process Step 3: The EPDM is laid in strips, covering the entire roof surface.
Step four of EDPM roofing process Step 4: Seams between the strips are sealed using pressure sensitive tape that is bonded and vulcanized
Step five of EDPM roofing process Step 5: Pipe boots are applied to the roof to seal around exhaust vents

*Vulcanization is a chemical process in which rubber is converted to a more durable material by the addition of sulfur and/or other polymers which crosslink the polymer chains.

Carlisle is the leading manufacturer of this commercially-rated product, carrying the best warranties in the industry. Our technicians are experts in the installation of Carlisle EPDM.

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